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*OUT OF STOCK* Tony Maja EZ- Out Rodder - 2 per Pack

SKU: T899202

The E-Z Out-Rodder TM has been tested by professional guides as well as by myself. The E-Z Out-Rodder TM has been used since 2004 with wire line for Striped Bass and Bluefish, as well as in the canyons for Tuna and White Marlin.
The E-Z Out-Rodder TM has also been extremely successful in Canada for Salmon and huge Lake Trout, and in Florida for Wahoo and Sailfish.
Unlike the standard Out Rod holder which is fixed in a horizontal position, the E-Z Out-Rodder TM is hinged so that it can be easily lifted upright into a vertical position. You don’t have to struggle anymore when removing your rod from the E-Z Out-Rodder TM, as you would with a standard rod holder.
When a fish is hooked, simply pull out the safety pin and bring the rod holder to an upright position. Lift the rod out of the holder and reel in the fish.
The E-Z Out-Rodder TM is constructed of marine grade, brushed anodized aluminum and locks into any standard gunwale mounted rod holders, making it totally portable from boat to boat. Maintenance is easy, simply wash with soap and water after each use and put a coat of aluminum polish on at the end of the season.