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Gulp Alive, A fish Attractant, Squid Flavor 8 fl. Oz.

SKU: b4018850

No one attractant applies equally well to all fish. That is why Berkley created an attractant spray formulated with the award winning Gulp! scent. Part of Berkley's Gulp! Alive! line up, this saltwater attractant spray features ingredients that have 400 times the power of other attractants. Gulp! Alive! scents make bait smell and taste alive and trigger fish to feed.

With Berkley Gulp! Alive! Saltwater Attractant Spray you can enhance the fish catching power of any soft bait, hard bait or live bait. Spray it onto your favorite trolling plug to create a scent trail which fish can home in on. Spray it onto any bait to drive inshore species crazy. When applied to live baits fish can't help but start a feeding frenzy!

These adjustable spray bottles contain 8 fl. oz. of attractant and do not need to be refrigerated.