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Betts Grab & Grip Floating Fish Gripper

SKU: B504751

Betts Billy Bay HiViz Grab N' Grip - The Betts Billy Bay HiViz Grab N' Grip is the only fish gripper with grab teeth to prevent slipping & an ergonomic trigger grip for control "when you gotta lift the big one"! Easily hold fish without putting hand in fish's mouth. Perfect for taking pictures of fish and releasing unharmed. Patent Pending. 9 inches in length.

  • It floats!
  • Bright HiViz colors for easy visibility.
  • Super competitive pricing.
  • Ergonomic floating hard polypropylene handle.
  • Ring and wrist lanyard
  • Strong locking jaws with No Slip Teeth to grab and hold.
  • Saltwater grade corrosion resistant.
  • Can operate with just one hand.