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Protec Powder Paint 2 oz. Super Glow Yellow

SKU: C23000512

Imagine a paint with virtually no odor, no drying time, no solvents and no mixing. Now imagine a brilliant, super-durable high gloss finish in seconds! These qualities, coupled with a spectrum of colors to choose from, have made Pro-Tec Powder Paint the obvious choice for thousands of consumers worldwide.A paint that requires no primer coat and no gloss coat translates into more money in your pocket. In fact, 2 ounces of Pro-Tec Powder Paint will cover over 450 of your 3/8 oz. jigs. Combine that with a painting process that takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish and you've got an unbeatable product.

CS Coatings Powder Paint Features
  • Super high gloss
  • One-coat coverage with no white primer needed
  • No drying time
  • Non-flammable and environmentally safe
  • Will not dry out
  • No mixing or settling
  • No odor
  • Easy cleanup
  • 2 Ounce Jars