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Du Bro Wire Straightener Up to 44 pound or #5 gauge single strand wire

SKU: D1092
Du Bro Wire Straightener
Straighten all of your single and seven strand leaders in seconds with our patented Wire Straightener. This innovative product will save you time and money. You will drastically reduce the amount of leaders you will buy simply by repairing the ones you have. The Wire Straightener is easy to use. Simply hold the tool in one hand and your leader in the other. Clamp the straightener around the leader and pull towards yourself and the leader is fixed. The only leader that is not repairable is one with a 90º bend since the integrity of the wire has been compromised. The Wire Straightener even works on downrigger cable. Available in two sizes.
  • Up to 44 pound or #5 gauge single strand wire
  • Watch instructional Video Below