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Do-it Mold, Snag Weight, Weighted Treble Size 10/0 Hook

SKU: D1149
Do-It Snag Hook Mold
The Snag Hook precision mold guarantees no flash or trimming. Pour in the lead and take out perfect castings every time. The wood handles make bulky gloves unnecessary. Each mold is machined and halves are perfectly matched. Molds are properly pinned to give perfect alignment. The ultra-hard, warp-resistant aluminum alloy construction with machined faces and precision aligned hinges ensures a perfect mold every time. Designed with wooden handles with hanger holes for storage.

Snag Hook
A weighted treble hook, or a Snag Weight, is used to retrieve objects from the bottom. Where legal, it is also used to catch fish by snagging. The weight directly on the hook provides good casting characteristics and holds your line in the water.
  • 2 Cavities
  • Size 2 1/2 oz.
  • Mold uses Mustad treble hook # 3551 Size 10/0.