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Do-it Casting Spoon Mold - 6 oz.

SKU: D3266

DO-IT precision molds guarantee no flash or trimming. Pour in the lead and take out perfect castings every time. The wood handles make bulky gloves unnecessary. Each mold is machined and halves are perfectly matched. Molds are properly pinned to give perfect alignment. The ultra-hard, warp-resistant aluminum alloy construction with machined faces and precision aligned hinges ensures a perfect mold every time. Designed with wooden handles with hanger holes for storage.

Hang this long, thin spoon on your rig for smooth casting and realistic action. Add reflective tape along the flat sides to mimic “fish scale� shine and catch the eye of a hungry one.

Item No. D3266
  • Insert CC-600
  • Cavities 1
  • Sizes (oz.) 6 0z.