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AFW Snapper Poppers - 6 per pack

SKU: H106530

A Snapper Popper rig is designed to catch small bluefish, and is especially popular in the Northeast USA. This lure features a tube dressing which is designed to mimic a small fish. The goal is to draw attention to the lure as you ‘pop’ the float against the water. As the lure moves up and down beneath the float, bluefish hear the popping and instinctively think other bluefish are feeding and will come in to feed. The tubing that surrounds the lure itself is designed to withstand the assault that a bluefish gives. Tip: Snapper Popper rigs work best when fishing in a school of bluefish.

  • Clear Monofilament Line
  • Weighted Popping Float
  • #6 Hook with Natural Color Tube Dressing
  • 6 rigs per pack