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Hi-Seas Mini Double Sleeves Rigging Kit, 350 Pieces 002

SKU: H106882

These premium quality rigging kits offer a generous assortment of our dependable components for building strong, reliable rigs. Each kit is packaged in a sturdy plastic storage box with a hinged lid for easy organization and handling. These convenient, all-in-one kits offer a value vs. buying the parts separately, and they also make great gifts!
Mini Double-Barrel Sleeves, available in black finish, are excellent for use with big game mono leader material and can also be fitted to wire leader and other various lines. Burr-free nonabrasive finish combined with high strength and corrosion resistance makes HISEAS Sleeves the preferred choice of professional leader, lure, and tackle manufacturers.

  • Kit Includes
  • 100 pc - 1.3ID/0.5T/7L mm, Black
  • 100 pc - 1.6ID/0.5T/9.5L mm, Black
  • 50 pc - 1.9ID/0.6T/12L mm, Black
  • 50 pc - 2.2ID/0.6T/12L mm, Black
  • 25 pc - Stainless Steel Thimbles - Small
  • 25 pc - Nylon Thimbles - Large