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SKU: K545121
Kalin's streamlined Ultimate Saltwater Bullet Jighead slices through the water to deliver an aggressive, completely natural retrieve that brings fish streaking to the target.

Sharpness, Strength and Durability

Mustad has now developed a new hook concept that combines the benefits of the needle point -- quick and easy penetration and ultra sharpness-- with demands for strength and durability.
Our new three-step grinding method makes it possible to remove less metal from the point without compromising sharpness.

4.3 Microsharp Point Technology: The point length is engineered to be 4.3 times the wire diameter of the hook, which is the optimum ratio for maximum sharpness and strength. UltraPoint hooks are 20% sharper and designed to stay sharper longer.

Unmatched Strength

Mustad's unique three-stage computer controlled tempering process transforms the hook into a fine grained, ultrastrong microstructure. This increases strength up to 30 per cent compared to conventional tempering methods. However, it�s not only strength that is important in this process; we need to be in control of brittleness and flexibility as well. Our superior technology allows us such control of the final outcome.

  • Color White
  • 3 Per Pack
  • Hook Size: 6/0
  • Hook Finish: Black Nickle
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point