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VMC Wide Gap Size 3/0 25 Per Pack

SKU: L754312

The VMC® Wide Gap hook is forged from the finest high-carbon steel. It is the best price/quality ratio for baiting shrimp, crawdads or shiners and is commonly used in both fresh or saltwater. Bend up eye allows you to snell them easily.

Carbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes. The higher the level of carbon, the stronger the steel. All VMC hooks are the result of 200 years of experienced craftsmen dedicated to perfection.

The anti-corrosion coating by excellence, exclusive to VMC. The Permasteel secret formula forms a 100% protective shield for even the most vulnerable areas of the hook, whilst maintaining ultimate point sharpness. Tests have proven that VMC Permasteel prevents signs of corrosion in saltwater for over 1000 hours.

  • Offset
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Cut Point
  • Perma Steel finish