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VMC Octopus Size 2/0 25 Per Pack

SKU: L754316

This traditional hook point is the most widely manufactured in the world and provides an excellent penetration capacity.

Carbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes. The higher the level of carbon, the stronger the steel. All VMC hooks are the result of 200 years of experienced craftsmen dedicated to perfection.

These coloured hooks receive a thin layer of varnish that will cover the hook without affecting the sharpness of its point. The varnish creates a shield on High Carbon or
Vanadium steel by covering the entire hook surface. To ensure that the point keeps
100% of its sharpness, VMC has developed its unique varnish specification to
ensure the greatest overall coverage with the thinnest coating.

  • Off-set
  • Forged
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Cut Point
  • Black Nickle Finish
  • Turned Up Eye
  • 25 Per Pack