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VMC Wide Gap Size 6/0 25 Per Pack

SKU: L754331
VMC Hooks
VMC has been making hooks for more than 100 years. VMC is a global market leader in hook production, and their hooks arm the world's most popular fishing lure brands.

VMC Hooks undergo Heat Treatment, hardening and tempering, to ensure the hook's optimal mechanical resistance.

Finishing, to ensure the hook's performance and anti-corrosive properties, include chemical sharpening and coating.
  • PERMA STEEL- The Anti-Corrosion coating by excellence, exclusive to VMC. The Permasteel secret formula forms
    a 100% protective shild for even the most vulnerable areas of the hook, while maintaining ultimate point sharpness.
    Tests have proven that VMC Permasteel prevents signs of corrosion in saltwater for over 1000 hours.

  • For use in saltwater fishing
  • High-carbon steel construction for durability
  • Offset design
  • Cut point
  • Wide gap accommodates live bait
  • Perma Steel finish
  • 25 Per Pack