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VMC Tournament Circle Hook 6X - 5789-18/0

SKU: L754835

This NON-OFFSET circle hooks is designed with fish conservation in mind while retaining maximum hooking rate and strength. This 6x strong heavy-duty circle hook is all about big fish requiring big bait and heavy lines.

With a fusion temperature of 1750°C, Vanadium® is a metal too tough to be used pure. Once alloyed with a high carbon steel, it becomes revolutionary. For not only is Vanadium® tough, it is light (density of 5.7 to be exact). Which is why it’s used for hard-wearing formula one engine parts. Vanadium® is twice as costly as HC80 carbon steels used for regular hooks, but offers tremendous performance gains when hardened and tempered properly. Up to 25% increased strength!

Owes its extreme sharpness to a unique combination of a triangular crest and a barb so fine that it assures, without force, a clean and perfect penetration beyond the barb.

The anti-corrosion coating by excellence, exclusive to VMC. The Permasteel secret formula forms a 100% protective shield for even the most vulnerable areas of the hook, whilst maintaining ultimate point sharpness. Tests have proven that VMC Permasteel prevents signs of corrosion in saltwater for over 1000 hours.

  • 6X Strong
  • Non-Offset
  • Fully Forged Short Shank
  • Vanadium® Steel
  • Cone Cut® Point
  • Meets Gulf of Mexico and Hawaii Regulations
  • Perma Steel finish
  • 10 per Pack