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OtterTail Straight Split Tail - Bubblegum

SKU: O652103

The only thoroughly tested and proven Trailer Bait that replaces and improves upon the discontinued “Uncle Josh� pork rinds and is many times stronger than comparable plastic baits. The material used in “Otter Tails� is super strong, super soft, will never dry out and absorbs scent like a sponge. It was invented by well-known charter boat Captain and Trophy Striped Bass hunter Capt. Bruce Millar in 2005. Attempts have been made to copy this material, but Capt. Bruce’s original “Otter Tail� material remains the best there is on the market for jig trailers, and as bait strips or teasers for countless types of lures from Bucktails and tubes, to spoons, diamond jigs and spinner baits. The colors are vibrant and glitter adds to the flash.
“Otter Tails� have proven to be the best trailer bait strips available. Nearly indestructible! Totally irresistible strike stimulating scented action.

Curly Short Tails Come 10 Baits per Jar
Length: 4 3/4� x 1/2�
Use on Bucktails, Fluke rigs, Spoons, large spinner baits, Umbrella rigs & More!