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Holographic Replica Sand Eels 8" Black Back

SKU: t101177
Holographic Replica Sand Eels

Tsunami Sand Eels are pre-rigged lures that are incredible fish catching lures. These lures are as close to a real sand eel as soft plastic fishing lures get. Its true to life shape profile and its reflective holographic foil core material is irresistible.
It seems like every species of gamefish in the Northeast – from fluke to stripers to bluefin tuna -eats sand eels. Sand eels have been especially abundant the past few years, and lure makers have had a chance to crank out some pretty good imitations – but none have come as close to the real thing as this “holographic” version by Tsunami.
Rigged on a super-strong hook. The hook has several bends in the shank to keep the lure solidly fixed in place. Popular with surfcasters, fish as a “teaser” ahead of Timber Lure plugs.
  • Length: 8 Inches
  • 2 per pack