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Tsunami Deep Shad 6.5" - Amt 2 - Chartreuse

SKU: T101371

Tsunami Deep Shads
The Tsunami Deep Shads are heavier than the Tsunami Swim Shads so they cast better into a head wind and they swim much deeper in a swift current. Just like the other swim shads from Tsunami these lures are great for jigging, trolling or casting and retrieving. Fish these swim shads from the boat, beach or jetty. Their holographic foil coil and natural color patterns will catch the eye of trophy striped bass. These Tsunami Swim Shad Lures are molded with an internal weight and hook so they have incredible action right out of the package.

  • Length 6 1/2 Inch
  • Weight 4.25 Ounce
  • Amount 2 per Pack