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Tsunami Ball Jig- 1 oz Chartreuse

SKU: T101547

Tsunami Ball Jig
This deep-water jig can be cast, jigged or drifted to get down to game fish � fast! Featuring reinforced stainless steel attachment loops that will stand up to the abuse of deep water denizens. These epoxy-coated jigs come with premium Mustad Stainless Steel Siwash hooks attached with extra strong, chrome swivels and dressed with genuine bucktail and holographic sparkle flash material for lifelike presentations. Weights from 1 oz. to 8 oz. can fit the needs of inshore and offshore anglers. Each ball jig is fitted with oversized, holographic 3-D eyes to give predators a better target for each strike.
  • Cast, jig or drift.
  • Reinforced stainless steel attachment loops.
  • Extra strong, chrome swivels.