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Tsunami SaltX 3X Live Bait Hooks - 7/0 - 3 Pack

SKU: T7999370

The Tsunami SaltX 3X Live Bait Hooks are a stout hook, capable of the tackling big gamefish. Each hook is constructed of a 100% Bekaert Wire, giving it great strength, while Tsunami's G7 RazorPoint Sharpening Technology furnishes each hook with a sharp hook point for sticking the boniest mouths. A black nickel finish enhances its corrosion resistance while also reducing the hooks inherit friction, resulting in faster hook penetration.

  • G7 RazorPoint Sharpening Technology
  • Made from 100% Bekaert Wire
  • High Gloss Black Nickel Coated For Enhanced Corrosion Resistance
  • 15 Step, 100% Inspection Process
  • Triple Step Tension Testing