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Tsunami Surf Shark Rig 10/0

SKU: Rigr96410

Perfect for casting from shore into the foamy waves, the Tsunami® Surf Shark Octopus Hook Rig is built with the kind of expertise needed to successfully turn and land most inshore sharks. Purposefully designed by the expert anglers at Tsunami and assembled with high-end components. The ultra-sharp and relentless octopus hook is made of heavy-duty wire. This shark rig is made with 60-lb.-test monofilament, so it won't fail when the action heats up. This saltwater fishing rig comes equipped with a fish finder with a snap that attaches to a sinker (not included).

  • Perfect for casting from shore
  • Built to turn and land a shark
  • Purposefully designed by experts
  • Ultra-sharp hook made of heavy-duty wire
  • Equipped with a fish finder with a snap
  • 60-lb.-test monofilament
  • All high-end components
  • Size: 10/0
  • Length: 48"